Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Call out for help!

The building is massive, and in pretty good nick, but we need help before we open the doors, so come and get involved in the beginning of an exciting new social centre with loads of potential.

In particular, we need people who are up for coming along and helping get the place ready for opening, and to run activities once the place is open – cleaners, painters, electricians, artists, minor hole in roof menders, artists, musicians, radicals, dreamers, schemers, your mates and assorted malcontents are all welcome!

We already have several initiatives in the pipeline, such as the home of the Bath FreeShop, infoshop, the Really Radical Lending Library, samba dancing classes, pole dancing classes, cafĂ©, workshops, activist self defence sessions, squat games and more – and we are up for anyone with ideas or skills to share to come and contribute to the space.

The social centre is being run as a counter-capitalist initiative, run by consensus, and giving a living example of how we can create a world based on solidarity, mutual aid and co-operation, not greed and authority. To get involved in any way, big or small, contact us at bathsocialcentre [at] gmail.com