Monday, 14 December 2009


We have now received notice that court bailiffs plan to evict the Black Cat at 11 am in the morning of Wednesday the 16th of December.

If you have appreciated what we’ve tried to do here – convert a long empty and beautiful building into a useful community resource and a home for those in need – then please contact us if you can offer any help. At the very least, a representative of Cabot Investments will be on the scene at that time, so why not pop along and let them know what you think about them.

As for the Black Cat itself, we should have a new, (hopefully more long-term) home for the centre in the new year, and we’re still on the look-out for any user groups and exciting ideas to make use of the space – be it toddlers’ groups, dance/music/
art/theatre rehearsal, cookery courses, book clubs, open mic nights, conservation or campaigning groups meetings, practical skillshares… the options are limitless! For any of the above and more, email us at