Monday, 3 May 2010

Black Cat updates mark 2

The Black Cat occupied community social centre is currently homed at the
former Porter Butt public house on London Road, Bath, opposite the E$$o
station and next door to Morrisons. We still have a lot of work to do,
cleaning and setting things up - volunteers always appreciated to the level
of mad, overbearing puppy enthusiastic adoration, slobber and all (napkins
provided) - but already have a couple of events lined up:

Tuesdays, from 6.15-7.30pm, weekly free yoga classes are back on, so come
soak up the authentic wood flooring and chilled late spring sunlight,
spiritual one-ness an' all

Wednesday 5th May will present 'Never Mind the Vote, Here's the Folk': an
evening of anti-folk, folk-rap & faux folk with 'The Casual Terrorist'
(anarcho anti-folk from Newcastle), 'Clayton Blizzard' (Brizzle's own chubby
guitar-wielding, wordsmith virtuoso), and 'Madame Hatter' (the Black Cat's
own miss-fit, decadence plumbing, answer to a very silly question); running
from 7.30pm-11pm, £3 suggested donation entry (though no one turned away for
lack of funds), there will also be cheap vegan food, and a potential free CD
of one sort or another for every punter

Saturday the 8th of May will feature the second incarnation of Madame
Hatter's 'Scabrous Cabaret', at 21.03 hours, free entry, a wide open stage
night for whatever performances people can bring, with DJish collaboration
from DJ Stoney Monster and DJ Beavis - dub/dancehall/Balkan beats: "Should
you be prudish puddings, freak frogs, vegan vultures, breakfast brutes and
funky fruits, bang poets or junk poets or even plain poets, blue cabbages
and pink trumpets, merry-go-round travellers or magic roundabout surfers and
hulla-hoop singers, studious students and naughty rodents, squatterpillars
or passers-by, funny flapping flowers or blooming butterflies, party people
or bursting bubbles, the usual crows and so many more if you're hungry for
the encore, you are all invited to the new edition of Madame Hatter's
scabrous cabaret for a night of sweet delirium open to all sorts of
performers, artists, poets, story-tellers... She's slim and slimy and could easily break into your pipery, Beware of Madame Hatter coz' of decadence she's the plumber..."

And following on from that frivolity, but in no way lessened by it, will be
the Bristol & Bath Rising Tide meeting - a campaigning group making a name
for itself taking direct action against the root causes of climate
injustice, from 7pm - all welcome

Events at this current location will probably come to a close following this, as we are due in Bath County Court defending against Julian Richer's possession claim on Friday the 7th May. C'est la vie

love, rage and kitty litty